5 Conditions Chiropractors Can Address

Our body contains around 200 bones and over 200 joints. It is well understood that these disorders may affect anyone at any age. Women, in fact, suffer the most from bone and joint disorders. The knee is the most usually affected joint, followed by the hip.

Arthritis (joint inflammation) and injuries are typical causes of these conditions. These issues are divided into three categories: pain/discomfort in the jaw joints and muscles, displaced disc/jaw dislocation, and TMJ inflammatory illness. In addition to the pain in your jaw and around your ear, you may have difficulties chewing food and opening/closing your mouth.

Chiropractic treatment in Singapore alleviates TMJ discomfort because it relaxes your muscles, adjusts your joints, and properly repositions your jaw utilising trigger point therapy. These therapies can enhance joint mobility and alleviate symptoms such as ear discomfort, jaw locking, neck pain, and headache.

Neck Pain

Neck pain can range from modest discomfort to severe persistent pain that can be incapacitating. Chiropractors focus on the underlying cause of neck discomfort and headaches. They have a high success rate in detecting and treating this pain using adjustments, physical therapy, and exercise. This can impact the nerves, ligaments, and blood supply to the head and shoulder area. In addition, re-aligning the vertebrae in the neck and shoulder area helps restore correct vertebral function, reducing muscular spasms.

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder issues are classified into four primary categories: arthritis, fracture, instability, and tendon tear/inflammation. Pain and discomfort are also symptoms of shoulder injuries caused by trauma or overuse of the muscle, ligaments, and tendons. Chiropractors are experts in diagnosing and treating shoulder disorders, including physical therapy, exercise rehabilitation, and manipulation.


Scoliosis is a spinal malformation in which a lateral curve develops in the spine. It most typically occurs in girls between the ages of 8 and 18 during the growth spurt before puberty. This syndrome can lead to early arthritis, back discomfort, and breathing issues. The purpose of corrective spinal manipulation, structural strengthening exercises, and physical therapy is to discover and treat scoliosis. Chiropractic therapy improves function and relieves back discomfort but cannot straighten the spine’s twisted curvature.


This syndrome is marked by widespread musculoskeletal discomfort and other symptoms such as tiredness, sleep, mood, and cognitive issues. Women between the ages of 25 and 50 are more prone to acquire fibromyalgia in Singapore. All 18 trigger sites become unpleasant and sensitive under these conditions. Chiropractic therapy seeks to improve circulation, bone alignment, and nervous system function. In extreme situations, a combination of chiropractic care, massage therapy, medicines, and acupuncture can assist.

Disc Pain

Discs are soft, fibrous tissue with a jelly-like core that functions as shock absorbers in the spine. Disc disorders can range from a little bulge or tear to a major rupture, most usually affecting the lower back. Pain frequently develops quickly and may worsen with extended sitting. Chiropractors have significant expertise in treating disc disorders using physiotherapy, exercise, and gentle spinal manipulation.