How to Use Test strips for Spas & Hot Tubs

It’s your obligation as a spa and hot tub owner to conduct regular maintenance practices. This may include a PH levels test, calcium hardness, and chlorine levels test for your hot tub water. There are various ways to conduct such tests, but the easiest method is using test strips. But how do you use test strips?

Here’s how to use test strips for spas & hot tubs.

Why use hot tub test strips?

1. Test strips are cheap

Test strips are cost-effective compared to other methods of testing your spa and hot tub water. Also, test strips are readily available at your convenient corner store. You will incur fewer testing costs for an effective natural pool and spa water treatment.

2. Easy to use.

 Test strips are easy to use since the process involves you dipping the strips and comparing the color to the test strips’ color guide.

3. Test strips are accurate.

Test strips offer quick results than other methods. When used correctly, test strips give accurate results.

How to use spas and hot tub test strips

It’s paramount to follow the right steps when conducting a test using spas and hot tub strips. These include:

Collect water sample

Start by cleaning the container you’ll use to collect the sample; failing to do this will give inaccurate results. After thoroughly cleaning your bowl, proceed to collect a water sample from your spa or hot tub. Preferably, collect a water sample in the middle of your hot tub where water is balanced.

Dip the test strip in the sample.

Then dip your test strip in your water sample collected from your spa or hot tub. But be cautious by doing it quickly to prevent your test strip from soaking. Avoid swirling your test strip as it could damage and interfere with the results. Don’t flick your test strip to avoid mixing the colors when removing it from the sample.

Hold still

Hold your test strip still for about 30 seconds without shaking or moving it around. The color pop you’ll notice on your test strip is the result from your sample.

Compare the color to the test strip color guide.

All test stripes should have a color guide in the test strip container. The color guide has different hues, and each has its meaning. So, compare your results to get a match on the test strip color guide. 

Dispose of the test and modify your water chemistry.

After reading the results, take the right action by adjusting your spa or hot tub water chemistry. Use different methods, preferably natural pool and spa water treatment, for the best long-lasting results.

Ideal ranges for test strip measurements

Adjust your water chemistry to fit inside ideal ranges. Such ranges include

  • Total hardness: 80- 100
  • Ph.: 7.2-7.8
  • Alkalinity:80-120ppm
  • Bromine :3.0-5.0ppm
  • Chlorine: 1.5-3.0 ppm

The bottom line

Test strips are cheaper and easier to use than other testing methods. They give accurate results about your spa and hot tub water chemistry. From the results, adjust your water situation to be on top levels. Also, apply natural pool and spa water treatment methods for better hot tub water chemistry.