New Food Innovations that Make Healthy Eating Easier

More than at any time in the past, consumers are buying food and drink with health firmly in mind. From the myriad vitamin supplements now available at supermarkets to the rise of veganism and the “vegan versions” of almost anything you would care to mention, health products and health-optimized food is big business.

Synergy Science, a company specializing in innovative health products such as hydrogen water and EMF protection devices, notes that eating healthy is becoming easier and easier on account of science and innovation. Alongside the move within the food industry away from overly artificial foodstuffs and towards organic and locally sourced produce, there have also been scientific solutions developed to optimize healthy eating. It would appear that the “back to nature” approach and scientific innovation have managed to exist side by side when it comes to food.

Health and Food

Of course, “healthy eating” is a broad catch-all category, and accordingly, it is pretty vague. It’s worth considering what we actually mean by this because there are many ways to be healthy when eating – and it can vary from person to person.

For example, while advice like “eating more greens” is pretty universal, other advice such as “lower cholesterol” might not be a priority for someone who does not have high cholesterol and whose diet doesn’t contain much anyway, Furthermore, new health products such as CBD may not be particularly necessary for someone who does not suffer from any of the conditions it is known to help with. This is just something to keep in mind.

New Health Food Trends

Nevertheless, here follows some of the newest health food trends that we can expect to take the world by storm very soon – if they have not done already:

Plant-Based Food

Of course, eating plants is nothing new, and we are all aware of how plant-based meat or dairy alternatives have been catering to the vegan/vegetarian market for some time. But more and more plant-based foods are being put on the market, and not just as substitutes for those who don’t eat meat. For example, did you know about pasta made from yellow peas? Or carrot and butternut squash-based pizza sauce? Plant-based food is also usually more sustainable, which accounts in part for the popularity of this trend.

Recycled Ingredients

Eating something that has been recycled might sound like a queasy thought. It sounds a little like we would be eating food that has already passed through somebody’s digestive system! But that chilling thought is not at all what this means. Instead, it refers to food that has been manufactured from the by-products of the production of other foods. There is a lot of food waste out there, and this new trend seeks to do something about that.

Alcohol-Free Alternatives

Of course, alcohol-free beer has been around for quite a while, albeit being largely tasteless rubbish. New trends in this area are not just creating alcohol-free alternatives which are actually satisfying but creating new types of alcohol-free drinks such as alcohol-free wine and even some alcohol-free spirits. Expect to see a lot more of this.

Seed-Based Foods

Seed-based foods are all those which have been in some way created from the seeds of plants. These can be traditional seed-based foods or imitation food based on seeds. One great advantage that they have is that seeds can effectively replace nuts in many products, which is great for those with allergies.

Ultimately, the supermarket shelves are moving with the times, and who knows what the next trend will be to help us keep healthy and protect the planet.