How to Get a Better Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important human functions that help us to stay fit and healthy. But not everyone manages to get a good sleep every night. There are those who struggle to fall asleep and then those who find it hard to stay asleep for a long period of time, experiencing short bursts of sleep during the night, which can make them feel even more tired. If you are not enjoying quality sleep, it can make you feel miserable and affect your ability to function properly. If this is the case, you will likely be looking for things that you can do to get better sleep.

Why You Might be Struggling to Fall Asleep

If you are suffering every night with an inability to fall asleep, there is probably a reason for this. It might be that your room is too hot. A cool room between 60 to 70 degrees is the optimum temperature for a good sleep. Even if you like being warm, it is best for the bedroom to be cool because you can be nice and toasty under your duvet or covers. If your room is too hot, you might struggle to fall asleep, and even when you do nod off, you will find that you frequently wake during the night.

The use of mobile devices before bed is also cited as a common reason why some people cannot fall asleep. This is because the blue light from these devices blocks the body’s sleep hormone (known as melatonin).

Feeling anxious or stressed can mean that you find it difficult to switch off and relax at night. This can often result in overthinking, which can make it difficult to sleep.

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

If you dread getting into bed every night because you know you will not wake feeling rested and refreshed, it is time to do something about it. Sleep is so important for healthy functioning, so it is a good idea to address any issues as soon as possible.

The first thing to do is have a look at your diet. It may be that something that you are eating or drinking is causing problems. The most common culprits are caffeine and alcohol, but if you are eating heavy meals late at night, this could cause discomfort, which may be stopping you from sleeping. You might also be suffering from reflux during the night, which is causing you to wake. Try to only eat light meals and cut back on caffeine and alcohol.

Try some meditation before bed as this can help you to relax and is well known to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. There are other things that can help to relax you such as playing sleep sounds on a speaker in your bedroom or using a diffuser with aromatherapy oils.

Sleep supplements are also a terrific way to help you get good sleep, according to the expert naturopathic doctors at KIYA Longevity. Containing amino acids and hormones that are known to induce sleep, these natural supplements can help you to enjoy a rejuvenating sleep, meaning you wake with more energy. This will improve focus and mood.

While you should avoid blue light from mobile devices before bed, it is a good idea to increase your exposure to bright light during the day. Your circadian rhythm or internal body clock will improve if you do this. The bright light during the day will keep you awake and focused, and when it gets dark in the evening, your body will know that it is time to fall asleep.